How To: Make a USB fan out of old CDs

Make a USB fan out of old CDs

Sweaty summer day by the computer? Office A/C broke? Watch this how-to video! You can make a simple USB fan using a compact disc, a USB cable, and a small fan motor. It's quick and easy! Don't suffer from the heat. Watch this video tutorial and with these circuitry tips, build a simple USB fan out of some old CDs.

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some audio would be nice

just imagine if that cd comes off. it can cut any thing. very dangerous thing to though.

no it wont cut any thing its not sharp

afzaal1988 just say imagine can't you see?

now I have something other than drink coasters to do with old CDs

I would be slightly concerned about the CD coming off too, but it'd be easy enough to secure it.

good video, but what is the orange thing that he used to connect the wires?

It is just a connector you can use instead of having to solder them.

Excelent, but safety about steadyness is a must!

whats the voltage for the motor.

that would be 5 volts for all USB units..

Very nice idea

wer would u get a motor like that?

i crush some battery dog and get the motor ;)

amazing use of technology. gr8. I making one of my own.


wt r thng reqd can u tel me i hve to gt thm frm market

I have loads of old cds lying around ... always thought I'd use them to make stuff; but all I could ever think of was pen holders, flower holders and modified lamps, which right now I'm thinking was more GAY thsn creative, esp. the flower holder! Thanks for this ... at least now I hope to start thinking more creative. And yes, I'd fear that the cd would suddenly fly off the cork too, but I guess it should be secured with hot glue.

what d name of d connector?????????


Does the motor have to be a certain type/voltage? I don't want to blow my house up.

My CD's keeps on cracking T_T

if the connections get short circuit what ll happen to my pc

That is insane! I've been trying mostly DIYs on cocktail dresses but this fan is so awesome that I'm going to try to make one right now!

Very clever, I will give it a go.

it can be worked if i directly pluging in using usb charger in the main socket

great idea! thanks,
my usb wire has 4 wires in it which of those wires should I connect with the motor to run...???

In the video, you can see that he clipped the white and green wires off, then used the black and red wires for the motor. The green and white cables are "data" cables, which you don't need. The red cable (sometimes orange) is the power cable, and the black one (sometimes blue) your ground.

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