How To: Make a soldering iron out of a graphite pencil and jumper cables

Make a soldering iron out of a graphite pencil and jumper cables

Now this is one how-to video you probably don't come across often. While most jewelry makers and welders probably purchase their soldering irons, it's actually possible to make your own soldering iron out of graphite pencil, car battery and jumper cables. We know it sounds like you're going to end up lit up like those much-parodied dads trying to set up Christmas lights on the rooftop during the holidays, but this process actually works quite well.

Remember to wear a filter mask and arc welding goggles.

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lead shouldn't be heated above 500°C unless you like delicious lead fumes

Graphite is NOT lead :) While in pencils it's called 'lead' graphite is actually a mineral, an allotrope (means 'other form of' from greek iirc) of carbon; diamond is also an allotrope of carbon.

I know I'm replying to a 4 year old comment but it's worth noting for anyone else who comes along :)

It should also be more worth noting (for safety of course) that ATTAG was probably referring to the lead in the lead based solder, something that you probably should be careful about since it can be easy to get excessive heat with this setup.

This had tons of potential, if only they would have implemented it in a more controllable manner. I really don't mean to be harsh but
Currently this is Dangerous, Irresponsible and completely lacking any kind of regard for life or limb. What happens when U Short that cable together. U will weld those jumpers together and run the risk of blowing up that battery, possibly igniting the oil in the car, in the garage or the hydrogen fumes from the battery.

Maybe for your next one, try making a safe version using a method that is much harder to short out. For now, Fail. But Original concept is a definite starting point.

agreed, i'd love to see this with a more thorough step by step and some caution.

they tell you to wear a filter mask and eye protection, so settle down

It's a "freaky" idea, make a solder iron from graphite pencil, nice invention.

I wonder what wattage that is.

can you use a nine volt battery instead?

this is fine and good for just soldering wires to one another but for circut boards resistors wouldnt the amperage from the battery cause a bit of a problem?

CAUTION: I believe this setup generates ultraviolet light which can burn your retina.

Works! As does a 110/12v 6a cord cut off. (like one of the 10 you have in the outdated pile). Wear goggles.

nice and good, do you have any photos about this and in steps by steps procedures?

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