How To: Make a solar cell with a condom

Make a solar cell with a condom

Make a solar cell from a condom with this video tutorial. Solar energy is plentiful and better for the environment, so why not take an easily accessible commodity (like a condom), and use it to harvest the power of the sun. To replicate this hack at home, you'll need the following materials: 12 iron hairpins, 2 pennies (pressed before 1982), 2 electrical wires, 1 sheet of aluminum, 2 strong magnets, a condom, and mineral water. For more on making your own condom-based solar cell, watch this how-to.

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now got u got "snipped" time to put good use to those condoms u'll never need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I can just see it now....My roof filled w/comdoms and Co-Ed paying me for it too!!!!!

<small> Evil Laughter:: muwahahahahahahahaahhuaawawahahaha.[[seriously..why?.. who thinks of this?]]

Maybe you could explain what kind of metal the coins should contain: copper? I don't have any penny around here, i live in the 'euro-zone'

you might be able to exchage a euro at the airport for a penny tell them you collect coins and Bam your in there

the whole process of getting electricity from 2 metals is called electronegativity differencial, depending on the electronegativity of a given metal against other you'll have X amount of energy.I believe the lower the difference the better, otherwise the electron transfer would ocurr too fast

Pretty awsome gonna have to try this.

Damn, look at this site! So many ways to use a condom... o.o

it is bad only do with wife

any body replay for this we want to do in which hole of lady.pls send replay to

is that an, Irish English American penny or just a lump of copper ?

2 Pre-1982, American copper pennies.

tank you for the reply.

Thats is DOPE! How many volts/amps can this make?

that is freakin sweet

i got to show my girlfriend, she will finnaly think using condoms is a good thing

dear u to stick mister winky in there

I tryed and didn't work. the experiment is BS.

who wakes up and says "i'm gonna make power out of condoms"


quite a new technology i must say.

so nice, atlest condoms can be used in this way, where trillions of packs go wated every yr


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