How To: Make a rat trap security system

Make a rat trap security system

Have you ever been the victim of theft? It sucks. Why would these lazy scumbags rather steal from us than work hard like everybody else?

Well, teach them a lesson with your own homemade security system. This video tutorial will show you how to create a fun and easy security/alarm system using a rattrap for under thirteen dollars! The purpose of a rattrap is to catch rats (burglars), and with this system, it will do just that.

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too funny but love the piercing noise. I want to make one. Seriously.

That was loud... woke my dog up. Nice.

simple. cool. rather use them for rats though.

This is a great idea actually. The best way to implement it would be a reverse push switch, as in when it is held down it actually closes the circuit (keeps the alarm off) and put that between the door and frame (in the latch hole would work too space providing. Also hook the circuit up with a standard ON/OFF switch. If you live in a house run the wiring (hidden) to the underside edge of your porch or somewhere not visible (any place they wouldn't be looking for a spare key as well). If you live in an apartment, place it on the inside of the door just withing finger reach from underneath the door. When you leave the door will close the switch deactivating 1 of two trips in the circuit. Then just flip your switch and the system is armed. If someone opens the door WEE WOO WEE WOO. Deactivating simply means flipping you secret switch before reentry. You definately want to make sure you waterproof anything running outside too. A short circuit is a useless circuit ;).

Just my take on it as I know MY neighbors would be calling the cops if I tried to flip the rat trap (by opening the door, inevitable) and shut it off quickly.

Nice work!

And when the rat comes and sets this off, your heart will be racing so fast bcuz you will think its a burglar that you will have a heart attack...

you could also just string a trip wire from the set plate to across a pathway(like against the door so it trips when the door opens)

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