How To: Make a Powerful Handheld Rocket Launcher from PVC and Sprinkler Parts

Make a Powerful Handheld Rocket Launcher from PVC and Sprinkler Parts

Take everyday sprinkler parts and form them into a high pressure rocket launcher that will shoot paper rockets nearly 300 feet!!! It's cheap to make and a lot of fun!

A quick trip to nearly any hardware or sprinkler supply store should get you everything you need for this project! These parts are mainly PVC, and the first thing I did was cut some 2" PVC pipe and add fittings to build 2 holding chambers.

I based this design on the style of an AK-47 assault rifle, and after dry-fitting the pieces together, decided to glue it up. The black piece is an in-line sprinkler valve rated at 150 PSI.

Purple primer went on the connections first, and when it dried, I applied the PVC cement and twisted the pieces together making sure the pieces were in as far as they could go.

I used a PVC cap for the trigger, and found a momentary switch to fit inside it. Holes were drilled to expose the button, and allow the wires to come out the bottom.

I gave the rocket launcher a camouflage paint job using 4 different spray paints, and finished it with a coat of varnish.

The electrical system was simple. I used doorbell wire to run from the momentary switch at the trigger to the wires on the sprinkler valve. Then a 9 volt snap connector was placed in series to power it when the trigger was pressed.

The barrel was screwed in place, and a makeshift stand made out of 1/2" PVC completed my project on the world's first "AK-47 style compressed air rocket launcher".

The system was pressurized with my air compressor to 135 PSI and tested outside. With a little modification, it can also be pressurized with a bike pump.

The rockets for the launcher are easy to make and only cost about 5 cents each. Even though they are made of paper and tape, they are extremely durable and able to withstand high pressures, not to mention they can travel up to 300 feet!

Just follow this video tutorial for step-by-step instructions on making the rockets:

I also made barrel adaptors for shooting paintballs and water balloons.

Haven't see the video yet? You can still see it here!

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omfg i have to try this

Please do! Sorry for the late response .. just saw this :)

Can you please post a parts list? I would really love to build this for my physics final. Great job!

Yea that was cool I would like to get a part list to make one how do I get one

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