How To: Make a potato powered clock MacGyver style

Make a potato powered clock MacGyver style

In this video we manage to power a clock with nothing but two potatoes. In order to make this you will need two potatoes, a triple A battery powered clock, bare wire, galvanized nails, and leads, which you can find at radio shack. The clock is powered by the potato battery.

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1 Comment

I've never seen a that bad tutorial... he spend the first minute telling how to cut a potato in two... laughing when he said: so by the time your finnished, you should have somethnig like this... IT IS 2 HALF POTATOES!!! how can you think anybody can make it wrong? also, he could at least have cut out the part where he was sticking those things into the potato...
I can barely belive that anybody would have a clock standing anywhere with a plate with 4 half potatoes standing next to it... the normal aaa batteries would also last longer than the potato-thing... come on...

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