How To: Make a pocket USB battery

Make a pocket USB battery

Change a normal 9v battery into a life saver. If you have ever run out of juice on your phone and could really use a quick charge, then you need a USB battery. Take a look at this instructional video and learn how to create a pocket USB battery. Materials you will need for this process are one 5.1v zener diode, one 330-ohm resistor, a 9v battery connector, a 9v battery, a solder, and soldering iron.

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so through this can any device that works through a usb port (like a usb cooling fan) still work

how long can a 9v battery power a usb powered device such as an iPod?

Thanks for this How-to! But I really have trouble understanding you under this slightly too loud music. (I am also not a native English speaker.)
Would you write down how to connect the parts?

So i saw this and i am wondering. If i have and old cellphone battery to which i attached a cable to the positive and a cable to the negative could i use it for this too instead of a 9V? And if so could i atache another port so i can recharge this battery? Thanks.

how can recharge the batteries?.. Is it safe... I want to use this with usb wifi device .... can it will work on this..

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