How To: Make a pair of high-tech night vision sunglasses

Make a pair of high-tech night vision sunglasses

In this video tutorial you will learn how to make a pair of high tech night vision sunglasses. You will first need a pair of 100% clear sunglasses with nothing but UV protection. Then two sheets of theatrical photo gels, one congo blue and one primary red. Using the gasses as a template, outline the lens shape and gently cut out one pair of each gel. Secure the red gels first using glue, and then apply the blue gels over the red ones. Now you're going to need 8 high intensity infrared LEDs. Solder two pairs of three LEDs each in a series. Glue the LEDs on both sides of the frame. Cut the wire around 5cm from the LEDs and secure with electrical tape. Using one 3-volt button cell battery on each side, complete the circuit leaving the plus wire on both sides not connected to the battery. You can later just slip it under the electrical tape to start the LEDs. Now, you can see in the dark, without others seeing you see them. As the gel allows you to view the infrared light generated by the LEDs invisible to others.

Make a pair of high-tech night vision sunglasses

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Where do you get the photo gels and LEDs?

dude, that's so awesome

I have the same color gels here right now and if I cannot see a remote control light then this #$%@ would surely not work as advertised! Save your money!

May work if using a digital viewer, but not with the naked eye. All the gels do is block most visible light and let the infrared through. But regardless, night vision this way won't work. Sorry folks, but you need an IR sensitive camera or scope.

the leds are as important as the gels would light up a couple mtrs

the human eye cant see ir rays so its impossible to see without a digital camera or some other ir sensitive device. I tested this with a webcam and some leds and it worked great. the leds were weak though

This is fire.immah make one at an angle so i can lay dwn and use ma computer now.

they don't work,i tried,still trying,so far i still haven't had that aha moment

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