How To: Make a Night Vision Flashlight for Ten Bucks

Make a Night Vision Flashlight for Ten Bucks

Check out this instructional video and learn how to hack a simple flashlight and transform it into a night vision flashlight! The items you'll need for the project cost less than ten dollars and you get a perfect night vision view. Watch this how-to video and learn how to build a night vision flashlight on the cheap.

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Awesome. Thanks for the really good instructions.. A+

Yep.. I think so too. My only comment is if you can see the bright light then what good is it as a night vision light.. why not stick to a regular light?

you cant thats the point. the light that comes from the flashlight after sticking the INFRARED lights in is invisible to the human eye. the reason the possesser of the flashlight can see is because hes looking through the camera which allows you to see the infrared light that is normally invisible to you(and IS invisible to everyone else! YEA! the things u can do with this....

you could get that flashlight @ the dollar store!

you could also get a cheap all-in-one remote there as well...

i can see the light

Cameras can Detect Infrared light sources, hence why he taped it to his camera. and it is not because it is recording, its because it is a camera, Mr bird.

Digital cameras can see near infrared light, try it at home

thats classy

i tried it and it didn't work

hey guys thats an awsome trick ,but im guessing it wouldnt work with a black and white only cam would it ?

Also its not a digital cam its just a little black and white security cam type and to record it has to be hooked up through a vcr, will it still work />?

Not good, not bad, cheap, I'm making this!

I'm pretty sure that someone would see you by the light coming off the screen, but sounds reasonable.

I CANT WATCH THE VIDEO WHY ???????????????

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