How To: Make a metal detector from a calculator and radio

Make a metal detector from a calculator and radio

Like looking for lost treasure? There's no need to break the bank for a high-end metal detector — just dig through your junk drawer! In this video tutorial, KipKay shows you how to make a metal detector from a calculator, an AM or FM radio, a standard CD case, and some velcro. That's it. Your very own metal detector.

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haha very good, but you should of did instructions for a handle or something. also interesting fact at the end :)

Handle? Just place the gizmo in a shopping bag with a long strap handle....sorted.. excellent idea and fun to make...

lol i think hes reading the manual from the MAKE magazine :p

possibly, since he's on make's tv show

What is the science behind this?

Super cool thing, and tried to function perfectly!

Looks good, will try later

omg kip kay is now on how cast

I really find this site very interesting ... & innovative

what is velcro??? and do i need to use this?

Don't know what velcro is? You must have been sleeping the past 20 years-LOL

going to try this

Cute idea will have my son make one!

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