How To: Make an infrared home alarm system

Make an infrared home alarm system

Kip "Kipkay" Kedersha is known for his intriguing and clever how-to and prank videos, even when he teams up with MAKE Magazine. He will show you how to tweak, hack, mod, and bend any technology to your hacking needs. No electronic device, gadget, or household item can stand the test of Kipkay's hacks and mods.

Check out this video tutorial to make an infrared home alarm system. Stop axe murderers from trespassing on your property with this infrared alarm system.

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This is what i'm lookin for...
can you guide me step by step so i can do it easily?
I know nothin bout electronic but your work is very interest me.

Not only is the idea great but I LOVE 2:00

"Any Intruder" guy walking up with a fraggin wood axe

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