How To: Make inexpensive solar panels from broken ones

Make inexpensive solar panels from broken ones

As far as the world of consumer electronics goes, it doesn't get much greener than recycling solar panels. In this video tutorial, you'll learn how to solder together broken solar panels, giving them new life as a functional AA battery charger, which produces about 6 volts in direct sunlight and about 3 volts indoors. In order to get started on this hack, you'll need a number broken solar panels (which can be had cheap for cheap on the Internet), a low-temperature soldering iron, silver-bearing iron, a rectifier diode and some thin-stranded copper wire. To learn more about this hack, and for step-by-step instructions on completing it, take a look!

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Great video. Not a very creative or practical use of the final product though.

I dig it. Would like to know of more uses.

it is great video

Going to try this one.

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