How To: Make a homemade fractal antenna for HD and digital TV reception

Make a homemade fractal antenna for HD and digital TV reception

Want great reception? Then a fractal antenna may be your answer. And you can make one yourself, right at home! Fractal antennas uses a fractal design to maximize the perimeter of the material that can receive and transmit electromagnetic radiation within a given total surface area or volume. Sounds complicated, right? Not after you watch this DIY video. Just follow along and see how one is built!

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I'm not knowlegeable about antenna technology to any extent but I think the Fractal Antenna video was interesting. However, I also think too much video time was wasted during non-informative shooting; the amount of time spent waiting for the next bit of new information detracted from the enjoyment of viewing the video.
I think it could use some dilogue or text to resolve questions about precise dimensions and specific materials as they may affect efficiency and quality of reception. Details such as diameter/material of wire, radius of bends, possibility of "stacked" elements of varying lengths, spacing & shielding necessary between stacked elements. Also, addressing any issues of signal boosting if applicable would be helpful.

*Hands out a cheese platter to Richard*............. enjoy

Wow if your gonna do a how to video atleast give info,on how well it works when compared to what you can buy.

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