How To: Make a hack pack

Make a hack pack

This video tutorial belongs to the Electronics category which is going to show you how to make a hack pack. This is basically turning a notebook in to something that you can take literally anywhere. Here you will learn how to create a video streaming hack pack to carry around with you and be able to do live internet shows anywhere. For this you will need a netbook, Sony PSP, mobile Wi-Fi thumbstick, microphone and a webcam with Velcro or adhesive. Plug in the mobile Wi-Fi stick for internet connectivity, and then plug in all the other items in to the netbook. The Sony PSP is being used because it can be carried in the palm. The program used for this is called PSP disp. Pack the netbook in a back pack with the webcam attached to the strap on the shoulder and use the microphone for recording speech and use the PSP to read the chat at the event.

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