How To: Make an electric fence to keep pests out of your room

Make an electric fence to keep pests out of your room

Need to keep people out of your precious room? Tired of all of those "do not disturb" signs not working? Locks just aren't cutting it these days? Safeguard your privacy with your very own electric fence. Remember Jurassic Park, when the kid got zapped by the electric fence? Think that, but in the doorway of your room.

This video tutorial will show you how to make this simple, yet extremely effective electric fence for under five dollars in materials. All that you will need is a disposable camera with a flash, some insulated wire, some bare wire (or coat hanger), and electrical tape.

First, you need to make the disposable camera into a taser, then hook it up to the wires, mount it in the door way, and be prepared to watch as a pest comes in and gets zapped. protect your room, get an electric fence.

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Dude, will this kill them? I mean, what would it take for them to get really hurt?

you sound like a bit of a perv with all that heavy breathing.


No offince though.

Good way to keep a very evasive skunk from living under my shed in the back yard. I hope it does kill'm, it's more humane than lacing a can of catfood with antifreeze.

would this hurt somone errrrr i mean a large animal? i mean i dont wanna take it to the ehmmm "vet" and dont worry its not being used for ANYTHING bad possibly for LARGE animals from getting under my house like dogs foxes possiums and w/e i like near woods so i get alot and i need to keep it unblocked so this might help? I dont want somone to get like a fly on a fly zaper

nice explaned video, but i dont get why you would put it on your door, cuz your little brother can just go under it... but its a cool invention for a prank! =0

Very neat indeed, just what you'd need of a morning ??

well dun gives people something to think about and work out ways thy can make it better a+

amazing, had no idea that this existed thank you very much

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