How To: Make a DTV antenna & a steadicam

Make a DTV antenna & a steadicam

Learn how to make a DTV antenna & a steadicam.

Digital converter box? Check! Great reception? Not so much. John Park shows how to take a fistful of wire coat hangers and make a TV antenna that gives great digital reception. While he's at it, he also makes a video camera stabilizer using metal piping and counterbalance weight; great for at-home moviemaking.

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it works

I'm building one... I just got amplified rabbit ears (three of them!) for 25 cents (ALL for 25 cents!) at a yard sale because they were analog. The best one, being far from pittsburgh in the Ohio Valley, only picked up digital channel 2 KDKA in an open window. Better picture than cable downstairs; no joke! I want more channels, and I have everything here.

can someone make me one

contact me please

can I use copper wire instead of coathangers

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