How To: Make the Deadliest Looking Redneck Pen Set Ever

Make the Deadliest Looking Redneck Pen Set Ever

Do you guys remember those things you hold with your fingers to write stuff down? I think they're called pens, or something like that...

In a world that is increasingly more digital, pens and pencils have been relegated to shadows of communication methods. You handwriting and sending a letter via snail mail is about likely as Justin Beiber growing a goatee.

So, if you want to give your pens a nice injection of badass, and maybe increase the likelihood that you'll actually use them, these DIY bullet and arrow pens should do the trick.

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Oh, and placing the finished products on a giant Confederate flag really brings the whole ensemble together. If this whole DIY didn't pass your redneck smell test, Instructables user machoturtle makes sure to take care of any doubts you may have.

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You will need a few things that only a true badass would have lying around—empty bullet casings (the bigger the better), arrows, electrical or Scotch tape, a table saw, and a few Bic pens.

We'll start with the arrow first. Since most arrows are pretty long, you'll need to cut it down to size. Using the table saw, cut the arrow to a size comfortable for your hand.

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Now you need to find a pen with a removable tip. Most old Bic pens have a tip that you can yank out.

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Make sure the tip fits snugly into the opening of the arrow. If it is too loose, use your tape to add some thickness until it fits correctly inside the arrow.

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You can add tape to the outside as well, for good measure. Now your arrow pen should be set to go.

The process for the bullet pin is almost exactly the same except, since your bullet will most likely be shorter than the average pen's plastic ink shaft, you will need to cut the shaft short enough to fit inside the casing.

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You might also need to cut down the pen tip as well. The finished product should look like this.

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For a full walkthrough and more redneck scribbles, check out machoturtle's tutorial.

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