How To: Make a cone record player

Make a cone record player

If you're record player doesn't work anymore, but it still turns, then this is the perfect solution for you. The video show you how to make a cone record player. It's also a neat trick for playing your records with out a record player, instead of a regular phonograph needle.

CAUTION: Do not use the cone-player on any records of value, because it will probably ruin the recording. It is advised to use the cone-player on a record of no or little value to yourself or the world. Also, the cone is made of paper, so use caution when transporting or using it because of the risk of dangerous paper-cuts. Please keep the cone-player from small children and pets, because of the sharp pin at the end of it. Finally, use caution when using the cone to keep it from skipping track when playing a record, because this may damage the record. The cone is also a suffocation risk, because if one were to put the cone around their mouth and/or nose, it may form an airtight seal and prevent the said individual from being able to breathe properly.

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