How To: Make a cheap heads-up display (HUD)

Make a cheap heads-up display (HUD)

It may be intended as a toy, but this gizmo can be hacked for more than just watching a remote-controlled car's video spy cam. This HUD (heads-up display) comes with the Wild Planet Spy Gear Video Car, but it's said that you can purchase the video headset separately. And it's not really a HUD, because you can't see through the video images, but it's close enough to be handy for all sorts of things, like computers, iPods, robots, wireless cameras, and gaming. Who wouldn't like to Call of Duty with this thing?

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that is so cool! can that headset be viewed 50/50 where I could view what is actually in front of me also?

I am looking to buy the headset right now, but considering the entire kit comes with a camera on the car, you could probably reverse engineer it to the point of being able to see a limited view of whats in front of you (At least so you don't run into objects, etc.). I don't know if it would be real time though...

Well assuming that your focal area is set right you should be able to remove the backlight and the diffuser (and the housing etc.) and then you have a LCD you can see through.

sometimes they have an annoying film stuck to them that usually can be removed mechanically or with acetone.

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