How To: Make a bike repair stand

Make a bike repair stand

Learn how to make a bike repair stand with this video! Create the legs:
1. Two sets of 8 and 10 inch piece of steel pipe, a 90 degree angle, an end cap and a T pipe are the starting materials. About 0.5 inch diameter pipe is fine for the project.
2. Screw the 8 and 10 inch pipes into the opposite sides of the T. Then screw the 90 degree pipe onto the 8 inch pipe and the end cap on to the 10 inch piece. Make sure that one 90 degree piece is pointing right and the other left.
3. Screw a 3 inch piece of pipe into the T intersection. The 3 inch pipe should be pointing upwards.
4. Then screw a 45 degree pipe on to the 3 inch pipe and have the 45 degree pipes point towards each other.
5. Take two piece of 10 inch pipe and screw them into a T pipe.
6. Take the piece from the previous step and screw that into the 90 degree pipes on each leg.
7. Screw a 48 inch piece of pipe into the free T pipe that is pointing upwards.
8. Next screw an 18 inch pipe into each of the 45 degree pipes and move the pipes so that they are behind the 48 inch pipe.
9. Secure both 18 inch pipes the 48 inch pipe with two hose clamps.
10. Screw a 90 degree angle pipe to the top of the 48 inch pipe.
11. Then add a 10 inch pipe to the 90 degrees pipe and then an end cap.

Cross beam
12. Drill three holes - one at each end and one in the center.
13. Screw in hanging hooks to the end holes.
14. A bolt, washer and nut are screwed into the wood. This holds the conduit clamp, which is then attached to the 10 inch pipe that overhangs the stand.
15. The conduit clamp is held on with a bolt and nut.

Now you are ready to hang and work on your bike.

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