How To: Make anti paparazzi infrared invisibility sunglasses

Make anti paparazzi infrared invisibility sunglasses

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It doesn't work i tried it sorry it must have been something YOU did wrong in the video i followed every single thing in the video

It didn't work for you perhaps, because most LEDs (and infrared LEDs too) require at least 3 volts to work. A single button cell battery cannot power a LED without circuitry that steps up the voltage. Simple solution would be to simply use 3 batteries for each led instead of just one. (this is because a single button cell battery only puts out 1.5 volts)

I have button batterys that i use for my old camera that are 3 volt you can buy them a radioshack

Loaf and his Fleas need these...the paparazzi follows loaf more than they follow Lindsay Lohan!!!!

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