How To: Make a 200mw burning laser

Make a 200mw burning laser

Don't use a perfectly good DVD burner to get your laser that will pop balloons, light matches, and burn stuff. Just buy a laser diode at and also a laser housing, and you won't be tearing a computer DVD player apart. This is the easy way to make a 200mW burning DVD laser. Use a Mini Maglite and some rechargeable batteries so you don't burn out the laser.

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This is pretty cool but I have seen it before.


totally awesome if you need to crash a party! it pops balloons lol p.s. how much?


Is this the unit? AIX-650-200D DIODE
Item # AIX-650-5-1230

This is the price list from the website that he suggested: Ouch! So where's my DVD player again?

oh yeah, I like this, I have always been in to burning stuff, nice I will make one of these wehn i have moved. VERY kwl idea

ohhhh this is gunna be fuuuunnnnn

Cool!!:)Nice job.

whats the point of the laser housing?

what are the item numbers for the parts?


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