How To: Increase your wireless signal strength with a soda can

Increase your wireless signal strength with a soda can

In this movie is going to teach you how to increase your wireless signal strength with a soda can. Cut the aluminum can in half to create a parabolic shape. Then fit the can around the WiFi antenna to help boost the signal's strength and direct it towards your wireless computers or laptops.

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Why not just wrap some aluminum foil around it :P

yeah dumbass

does it work for the wireless adapter for X-box 360 Live?
email me at thankyou

email me for an answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pls help me to how to make a powerfull tv antena. coz in my place so very low signal. thats why i try to ask her. evry time i open my tv..always ben no signal...thanks...and more power

how can u make this work with a wireless card of routers without an antenna, such as ones from at&t?

dude that is SMART and BETTER

awesome & simple. now the question is; how well does it work, and how much does it boost the strength by.

Simpy superb.. in simple words ULTIMATE

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