How To: Increase the range of a remote control

Increase the range of a remote control

Kipkay shows you how to increase the range of your remote control for your television. You use electrical tape to make sure that the leads do not come into contact with the reflector.

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Hey Kipay I just did this to my poor comcast STB remote. It worked like a dream, now I dont have to be directly in front of it, and the distance is greatly improved. Thanks!

Still works! Dish Network remote - always had to hold it in several different positions to get it to function as the receiver has two walls in between as well as being faced away, at a right angle, from where I would point iti. It now works much better... not as if I was in the same room, mind you, but much better than before I followed your vid!
Thanks very, very much!

It worked for me :)

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