HowTo: Beat the Heat for Cheap- DIY Air Conditioner

Beat the Heat for Cheap- DIY Air Conditioner

Here in Los Angeles, weather is perfect as usual. But on the other side of America, summer is in its sweltering peak. I've spent plenty of unconditioned summers on the east coast, so I know firsthand just how miserable it can get.

For the penny pinchers out there, here's a DIY solution. BONUS: this MacGyver fix is much more energy efficient than your standard window AC unit.

You will need:

  • a fan
  • tubing
  • a water pump
  • twist-ties
  • a cooler
  • water
  • ice

Click through for the Instructable.

Prefer video? Check out this past Wonderment

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Well that's an Air Conditioner in a nutshell.

And if you use re-usable ice packs it becomes even more efficient.

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