How To: Hack a UPS with a car battery

Hack a UPS with a car battery

Find the ins and outs to UPS hacking in this video from Systm! And were not talking about the parcel service here—we're talking about your UPS system—your uninterruptible power supply, which can be pretty weak. That's why you should hack the tiny battery out of it and replace it with a giant car battery! Your UPS will last a lot longer, which is important when it comes to power outages. Though Systm doesn't recommend swapping out batteries, they do walk you through the process so you get it done right.

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Two or more lead acid batteries in parallel no matter what size they are (matching batteries or not) will discharge themselves over time. You are looking for a voltage of 13.5 to 13.8 volts to maintain a full charge in standby mode on lead acid batteries , gell batteries typically need a little higher voltage for standby charging which over time will evaporate the acid in a wet cell.

did this already with two banks of car batteries and a Geek Squad UPS rated at 1250VA. LOL, ran my core2duo E8500, 22"LCD, and speakers for a week!

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