How To: Hack a transistor radio to hear Air Traffic Control

Hack a transistor radio to hear Air Traffic Control

Normally, when standing outside your local regional airport, you'd need a special radio or scanner to pick up the transmissions coming from that Air Traffic Control tower. Well, not anymore.

Kip Kay from Make Magazine will show you how to take an old vintage AM/FM transistor radio and make a quick modification so that it picks up the VHF band of Air Traffic Control, Air Shows and other Civil Aviation Band transmissions.

This is one amazing radio hack!

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Awesome, I wonder if it works in airplanes

which one

way to give ideas!

Is this a good site ?

uhhh..thats sorta complicated..good for terrorists..they better not see this

The aircraft band uses Amplitude Modulation. You modded Fm Band change still leaes the unit receiving Fm or Frequency Modulation. I doubt this works very good

it is boom hack to application

its true

can you listen to military messages? or Can you do this to a walkie talkie?

I did this with a friend out in Gibsonville one day by accident. It was like listening to aliens by accident somehow, and an awesome experience.

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