How To: Hack a toy radar gun into a real one

Hack a toy radar gun into a real one

Turn a 'toy' radar gun into the real thing! Cops don't even have one like this! While this is a completely new and different design, the inspiration for this video is from an article by Ken Delahoussaye in MAKE Magazine. Just watch this video tutorial on how to hack a toy radar gun into a real one.

This is the Hot Wheels Radar Gun. They are available at toy store and the Internet. This is a real radar gun that shoots doppler radar at 10.525GHz. It has a trigger you hold down and will adjust to 1:1 or 1:64 scale for shooting Hot Wheels cars in action. It also will display MPH or KPH. Time to hack it!

Parts you need...
1. Drill with various bit sizes.
2. Cheap plastic bottle at least 8" long X 3 1/2" in diameter
3. Assorted screwdrivers
4. Dremel and hack saw
5. Soldering gun with solder
6. Assorted wire
7. DPDT Toggle switch Radio Shack #275-0663
8. 4-AA Battery holder
9. 1/4 X 20 Coupler nut and bolt with washers
10. Altoids tin
11. JB Weld

Then, disassemble the radar gun, build it, prep the waveguide, wire it, fix the LCD display mount, assemble it, and finish it up.

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