How To: Hack the Staples Easy Button

Hack the Staples Easy Button

Hacking an Easy Button? Easy! In this video tutorial from Make Magazine's Kip Kay, you'll learn to hack the Staples Easy Button to say whatever you want it to. For more information, including step-by-step instructions on replicating this hack at home, watch this how-to video.

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That's awesome... It would also make a funny prank if you hid it in a Staples store.

I was going to give it a C, but since his cat helped, its a B- from me.

i agree with monneyman3 that would be awesome

Dear Viewers, This video was fun to watch, and quite funny even though the cat did absolutley nothing, but, the over-recorded easy button was hilarious. Sadly, it was poorly explained and it cost a good amount of money to contruct. With LESS than 15 dollars you could probably just go out and buy a recorder. But, this was a HowTo on how to do this the more expensive and harder way, however fun. A fun video, to say the least.
Alex1inferno- The Critic

that is awesome! i have to try that.

what the hell kind of name is kipkay?

you talk to fast

WHY DOES THIS GUY TALK SO FAST?!.........nice vid

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good luck.

it would be perfect it if had a "shock-mode" to zap people who press the button more than twice!

how do you get it to record w/ your computer with the same voice of that guy ?? PLease...

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