How To: Hack a radio-controlled car into a secret computer hard drive

Hack a radio-controlled car into a secret computer hard drive

What if you could have a secret hard drive connected to your computer that only you could activate? You can! Samimy shows you how to hack a remote controlled toy car and make a super secret hard disk drive in your computer, accessed via a secret activation key. This hidden emergency HDD can only be controlled by your key, regardless of how many people use your computer.

The HDD is connected to the main power supply in your computer and to the RF receiver from the RC vehicle, which is powered by two 3V button cell batteries and equipped with a small antenna. To activate the hard drive, an activation key made from a 6V button cell and a stereo plug must be inserted into the hijacked RF transmitter. It signals the hard drive to turn on and BAM— a super spy hard drive.

Now, you can only copy and paste items with this HDD, because of the low power of the relay batteries. Add more batteries using a parallel connection to make it work longer. Or use a stronger RC circuit to better this electronic hack that protects your data from software hackers, or your mother!

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