How To: Hack a dead laptop battery

Hack a dead laptop battery

Is your laptop not holding a charge anymore? Don't buy a new one, hack the old one! Laptop batteries can cost upwards of a hundred dollars, but with new lithium batteries and some soldering tools, the new one works just as well. Watch this video computer circuitry tutorial and learn how to hack a dead laptop battery.

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I was wondering where you get the replacement batteries?

its OK Battery TYPE AA or they Blow UP.. :D
Nice Work..

Well apparently I've found the answer to my problem about my laptop battery pack. Nice Bro!

If it is ok, can I copy the video. I don't have Internet connection at home. I am just renting in a nearby computer cafe. thanks

Check ebay for the individual li-ion 3.6 volt cells. ;)

so can u do that to any laptop cuz i have a acer and my battery is dead to so i was wondering if i can do the battery think u did on my acer

where can i buy the lithium batteries at? i have a medium laptop and it has 8 lithium batterie inside.

Hi I tried the exact way as you have mentioned but no use it remains the same I am not able to charge my new batteries.
Can you please help me

they can be bought at RS. How much time did it take you to do that. I would rather spend the $109.

good in this for laptop battery

This method does work, but i would hardly call it hacking, this is just pulling a battery pack apart and replacing the cells. if you get higher capacity cells (they might be bigger) you could extend your battery life even further. you just need the same amount of cells to keep to the same voltage, the MAh rating is your capacity, get the highest you can

Great video. I wonder if the charger will support higher mAh batteries. And if you must be aware of the type of lion battery: mine are ICR but there are other types. The one that I´m buying doesn´t have any inscription.

wow great idea dude

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