How To: Hack condoms — useful and useless everyday latex mods

Hack condoms — useful and useless everyday latex mods

Kipkay never fails to impress, and this so-called "condom hack pack" is no exception. Who knew there were so many useful uses for a condom besides the obvious! In this Kipkay two-part video, learn how to hack condoms for nine different uses.

One condom hack is the "condom firestarter", which involves filling it with water, where the convex shape can concentrate the heat from the sun enough to start up some brush. Another is the "condom cat toy", which is just a condom filled with some catnip. Third: the "condom cellular protector", which is great for making electronics waterproof. The fourth is the "condom shotgun", which involves some PVC and BBs. The last condom hack in the first video is a "condom floater", which is a great LED pool toy.

Now for the hacks in second video! There's the "condom UFO" which uses shredded up aluminum foil, a bottle, a small siphon, and muriatic acid to make "erectonium" gas to fill the condom up, which floats off into space. Then, check out the "redneck condom ball" for which you need an old shirt and rope or twine. Simply blow up the condom, cover it with the old fabric, and then wrap it up with your twine or rope, and that's your redneck kickball. Thirdly, "condom fireballs". You need propane, paper towels, lighter fluid and a lighter. Just don't set this off in your face. Though a small explosion, it's still dangerous. Lastly is the "music stimulated condoms". You can probably guess what that means, so just pump up your stereo… or condom… and enjoy!

(1) Part 1 of 2 - How to Hack condoms — useful and useless everyday latex mods, (2) Part 2 of 2 - How to Hack condoms — useful and useless everyday latex mods

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that's hilarious! it really had me laughing!

waterproofing using condoms was an essential part of my military training. It also prevents population explosions .

I bet, in all disbelief, there's probably a million different uses for condoms besides the obvious.

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