How To: Hack a cheap multi-touch whiteboard using the Wiimote

Hack a cheap multi-touch whiteboard using the Wiimote

Using infrared (IR) light pens and the Wii Remote, it is possible to create very low-cost multi-point interactive whiteboards and multi-point tablet displays. Johnny Chung Lee, Carnegie Mellon University. The software can be downloaded at

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YOU ARE AMAZING!! TY!! God bless

Mannn.....YOU ARE A GODDDDDD!!!!
You deserve a Medal! Much Praise to you.

Hey wait a minute, how do you connect the Wii-mote to the computer? Bluetooth software? Is that what I heard him say?

Smoothboard 1.6 version now does not require manual Bluetooth connection but handle automatic connection with the computer through a Bluetooth adaptor using MS Bluetooth Stack.

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