How To: Hack a Cheap Floating Globe into a Levitating Imperial Death Star!

Hack a Cheap Floating Globe into a Levitating Imperial Death Star!

Have any Star Wars fanatics in your family? Well, here's a great Christmas gift idea for those Star Wars fans who think they have everything... a freaking LEVITATING DEATH STAR!

Backwards Lamb Props created the above Death Star model by using one of those cheap magnetic floating globes and some schematics he found online of the moon-sized Imperial battle station. Pretty impressive, right?

He gave the globe a coat of grey primer, filled it with LED lights and drilled tiny holes all over to give it the appearance of the cityscape.

The model is very well detailed and includes the laser eye that destroyed Alderaan (RIP Leia's family).

One of the details I found to be the coolest was the tiny addition of an Imperial Star Destroyer.

For the full DIY instructions, head on over to Backwards Lamb's Instructables project page.

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Wow thanks for featuring my work. i really enjoyed making it.

this could be the greatest hack I've ever seen :) and the simplicity of it is awesome...

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