How To: Hack a Bic Message Pen into a personal remember pen

Hack a Bic Message Pen into a personal remember pen

Have you ever been in a situation when you needed to remember something real important, but you didn't have you didn't have your trusty cell phone or other electronic savior with you?

Enter the Remember Pen!

Kipkay shows you another glorious and simple hack, and with this one, you could remember any important information that may be needed, right from a simple pocket ink pen.

The pen used in this video is the BiC WideBody Message Pen, mostly used as promotional pens for printing companies. The pen has a little window which displays six different messages when you click the clicker. Those six messages are really easy to hack into to, for your own messages, hence the Remember Pen!

This is perfect for many things, like cheating on tests, picking up girls, and more!

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A great idea !!!
Thanks for the link amazing!
Thanks for the great idea!

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