How To: Hack a 9-volt battery

Hack a 9-volt battery

Want AAA batteries for cheap? Learn how to hack a 9-volt battery with this money-saving video tutorial from Make Magazine's Kip Kay. All you'll need to replicate this hack at home is a pair of needle-nosed pliers and one or more Energizer 9-volt batteries. For instructions on how to extract quadruple A batteries from an Energizer 9-volt, watch this how-to video.

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I never knew this, cool.


wow,this is cool..

Learn something new every day ! Very cool !

yeah this is definitely cool.

I opened a 9-volt battery before and had one of those cells explode on me, I'm not sure what exactly caused it, I think I might have caused a short with the pliers some how but that's just my guess. I didn't get hurt (it exploded in my hand) and it didn't damage my clothes or the environment but it was extremely loud and it left black dust on me.

Thing is ? 3 aaa batterys are cheaper than one 9 volt.About half the price.

aaa batteries are 1,5 volt so you need 6 of them to get 9 volt, that would be the same price as one 9-volt battery

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Even if aaa's are cheaper, if you need them quickly and all you have on hand is 9volt, then this is worthwhile.

Does it work (Someone tell me who has tried it.)


it worked thank u

this bellongs to kipkay on youtube, i see no credit to him....
oh, i do

Thanks for sharing

thanks bro
but that batteris does not available in indian batteries...

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