How To: Feed your cat while you are away with a VCR cat feeder

Feed your cat while you are away with a VCR cat feeder

John Park poses a kitty conundrum: Who's going to feed the cat while you're on vacation? Using a motor from an old VCR, he creates an automated feline feeder. While building this Make: magazine project, John learned that newer VCRs have safeguard technology, limiting access to the motor. Watch John as he demonstrates his solutions to this challenge.

Download the PDF for instructions here:

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What a total waste of time. That was so lame, I cannot believe I watched the whole thing. Also the ending was bogus on the food, probably had canned food in the bowl holding the cat back till the right moment

I have another solution: ask your neighbour to feed your cat and give the VCR to a poor guy who can't buy it.

wow bit big dont u think? theres gotta be a much smaller version and instead of tearing a bunch of vcrs apart(now collectors items) id prob. use a small stepper motor attached to a timer to go off at a certain time each day to feed my kitty

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