How To: This Easy DIY Money Indicator Light Makes Sure You Always Have Cash in Your Wallet

This Easy DIY Money Indicator Light Makes Sure You Always Have Cash in Your Wallet

Obviously, millionaires like me don't really have to worry about an empty wallet, but for the rest of you out there, having no cash when it comes time to paying a bill can be excruciatingly embarrassing.

There is nothing worse than going up to a register thinking you've got some cash in your wallet when you actually don't. The cashier hates you and the people in line behind you think you're a deadbeat. Not only are you ashamed, but you walk away without that bag of Skittles.

Of course, that never happens to me, because my wallet is so stuffed with money that I can hardly keep it closed. But if you want to save yourself from the above scenario, this wallet hack by Macobt might just do the trick.

Basically, it tells you when you've taken out your last bill, that way you know to replenish your wallet with more green before you try to spend something you don't have. Best of all, it's super easy. You just need some copper wire, a small magnet, a lithium coin battery, and an LED.

When the magnet and battery are touching, they form a closed circuit, which then powers on the LED indicator light. So, when there is money in the wallet (the red line in the diagram below), that circuit is no longer closed, and the LED light will turn off.

You might want to use a cheap wallet since you are going to have to cut a tiny hole for the LED diode and stitch or glue the battery and magnet inside. Once you have the magnet, diode, and battery safely inside your wallet, you can connect the wires.

Check out the video below to see it in action.

Now, all you have to do is look at your wallet to know whether or not you have money inside. And it's better to make sure there's always cash in there, since you want the light to turn on as little as possible, unless you want to spend money on another battery!

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Really cool idea!! But I must add something that happened to me while reading this post. My wife saw the diagram from a few feet away and asked if it was a dildo drawing. I looked at it again and saw what she saw after a few seconds of starring. Maybe you should rethink the layout of you diagram? Anyways, cool invention!

Haha, you're right! Though, it kinda looks more like a condom to me. He probably drew it like that on purpose, haha.


My name is Marjancho and I am from macedonia.

I am the author of this gadget and I am glad to hear that people already like it.

Best regards macobt

Cool project, macobt. Thanks for sharing!

Awesome build. I saw it, and had to share it with our readers. Keep up the good work

Great Job! Keep up the good work!

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