How To: DIY a Geek-laden iPhone-to-iPad Connector Clip for Web & Video Multitasking

DIY a Geek-laden iPhone-to-iPad Connector Clip for Web & Video Multitasking

So, you can't decide— movie on your iPhone or web-surfing on your iPad— why not do both?

Julian Horsey from Geeky Gadgets, shows you how to get the best of both worlds with a super cheap, super sturdy, DIY connector clip that binds your Apple iPhone (or iPod Touch) directly to your iPad.  It's amazing what a little plastic and some ingenuity will accomplish.

Imagine... watching the hottest blockbuster film while surfing the web on your iPad, without a television screen or monitor in the background.  You're eyes will love you (and hate you at the same time), with less than a square-foot of visual space to concentrate on!  This is multitasking at its core— perfect for traveling.

The only foreseeable problem with this combination is the weight of the two devices and the connector together, but unless you're a pansy, it shouldn't bother you any.  Julian loves his—

"Since I've made mind I cant live without it, even with the little added extra weight. You could even push it to the extremes and link iPads to iPads and iPhone's on top of iPhone's, as long as you can handle the extra weight."

CLICK HERE To see the full instructions for this revolutionary DIY iPad / iPhone Connector Clip.

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