How To: Debunk the popcorn with a cellphone hack

Debunk the popcorn with a cellphone hack

We've all seen the popcorn cell phone video. Now, we have the exclusive inside into how those videos were created. A microwave magnetron is strapped covertly to the bottom of the table. Then the prank is ready. Gather the phones and wait for the exciting reactions.

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These guys would have to be morons to put an open microwave below their living room table! Risk of death by microwave just for a little e-fame? No thanks...

How safe is this? Because otherwise, making a table with a magnetron on the bottom of it would be great for parties.... More a trick than practical though

someone tried to sell me a cell phone radiation preventer at the venice ecofest based on this video. she was all enthusiastic "10 million people saw how a phone can popcorn! imagine what it does to your brain--- buy my product NOW!!!" lolol

go to youtube and copy/paste this
Popcorn Cell Phone Trick Revealed See How Its Done

i saw it and the megnetron thing makes alot sense

wouldnt the effects of the magnetron affect the cell phone just like the popcorn? so like putting your cell phone in a microwave? ... doesnt seem plausible to me

I did'nt think magnetrons worked that way, if it did we'd see a fue heads pop, and would'nt the microwave energy be absorbed by the wood of the table?.

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