How To: Create a rumbling sound effects pipe with PVC, drum skin, spring and glue

Create a rumbling sound effects pipe with PVC, drum skin, spring and glue

Need some cool sound effects for your next film? Kipkay's got an idea… the "Rumble Pipe". This noisemaking pipe creates a rumbling sound perfect for any drone SFX. Try it out. It's just a little sounds effects gizmo. Cheap and easy!


* 2" SCH 40 PVC
* Hacksaw
* Ruler or Measuring Tape
* Drum Skin
* Drafting Compass
* Pencil
* Scissors
* Hot Glue Gun
* Long Spring
* Plumber's Goop (or other adhesive)

Start off with some 2-inch PVC (schedule 40) and use a hacksaw to create a 7-inch piece of pipe. Grab an old drum skin and take a geometric drafting compass and mark a 2-inch hole. Cut that 2-inch piece out and punch a tiny hole in the center. Use a long spring and push the tip of the spring through that hole just a little and use some hot glue to seal the hole so it's airtight. Next, glue the drum skin hole to the end of your 7-inch piece of PVC pipe with some Plumber's Goop or other kind of adhesive. And that's it, you're done! Just move the pipe around and listen to the cool sound effects.

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For those of you considering doing this project:

-Try getting the PVC schedule 40- 3" diameter, 10" long. Thats what I used and its worked great. If you ask your local hardware store I'm sure they'll cut it for you free of charge. cost about $1 per tube
-For drumheads you can use broken drumheads, just don't use the area that is cracked. Use multiple plys or layers (i used 6)
-For the spring you don't need a long one, just get an "expandable" spring that you can stretch. I used 1/4" x 5" springs but stretched to 17"- cost about $1.50
- I didn't use hot glue, but I just used some of the plumbers goop to seal the spring in place

thanks for the advice, Kevin!

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