How To: Create a metal detector from household items

Create a metal detector from household items

Detect metal with a metal detector!

In this video tutorial, you will see how to create a metal detector out of just two household items, for under twenty dollars. So, if you're on a treasure hunt, and have no money yet, then make your own metal detector.

What You Will Need:

1. A calculator,
2. A walkie talkie, and
3. Something metal

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Yes, but you'll have to find and touch metal with it. It's not actually a metal DETECTOR. It just shows you what's right in front of your face. e_e

and there are no radio waves in the calculator....

not very original

any body can help me how to build a simple gold detector? there is more gold bars buried here. ,, before world war 2 japanese name Coronel Metzu Tukonaga rent a 24hectares land of my grandfather ,. 50-50 percent sharing ,.50 for the land owner and 50 for those who provide a detector..

you got minus ( - ) 100000000000 points.

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