How To: Bypass cable locks, just in case you have to

Bypass cable locks, just in case you have to

So, you've found yourself in a hotel room, and for some reason you just have to remove that cable from the wall. However, it is protected by a cable lock. In this instructional video, see how to defeat these using a piece of toilet paper, a pen, and the cable lock itself!

Use the tip in this how-to video in case you want to steal a locked television or VCR, not that you would do that or anything. If you wanted to steal it, you'd probably just cut it anyways, wouldn't you?

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I don't understand, to what purpose would anyone do that? C

What does this accomplish? A good hack is one that is useful in some way. It has to either save money, save time, or perform an ingenius function.

this is incredibly useful if you live in an apartment that provides cable but charges...if you dont elect to subscribe, then they will place these types of locks on the cable outlet...what about the metal locks that cover the outlet though?

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