How To: Build a USB flashdrive eraser

Build a USB flashdrive eraser

Moujan, from PopSiren, transforms a boring USB drive into a master of disguise with the help of an eraser!


* Two erasers
* USB Flashdrives
* Rotary tool (or any sort of good knife)


1. Tear apart the plastic case of your USB flash drive in order to get the real flash drive inside.

2. Take one of the erasers and size it up to the USB flashdrive and cut accordingly. This eraser will act as the body of the USB-eraser.

3. Take the other eraser and cut about halfway off. Now you have a cap!

4. Here's the hard part. Create a gap in the erasers by using a rotary tool or thin knife. The gap should be big enough to snugly fit the body and tip of the flash drive.

5. You are done!

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