How To: Build a solar death ray

Build a solar death ray

Let's build a SOLAR DEATH RAY!!!
Step 1: Remove the screws along the edges of your TV making sure not to miss any. (Refer to YouTube repair videos for your model if there are any.) continue to remove screws until you've cleared out enough to remove the screen, and then clear off the extra pieces that fixed it to the TV. (This will be your lens). At this point, you can salvage any other pieces you may want to hold onto for future projects. Step 2: Remove the back panel. Step 3: Build a pivoting frame (as shown in video), or just lean it up against something and use a trial and error process to find the right angle for the most intense heat. Step 4: Once you find your angle, unleash the Solar Death Ray upon the World!!
Reminder!!!!!! Keep a fire extinguisher handy, and NEVER try to burn anything that contains flammable material. We don't want anyone exploding out there. Have fun! And be safe!!!

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I could have used an iPod... Thanks for thinking of the less fortunate before your damned experiments! ;)

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