How To: Build a small hydrogen HHO generator

Build a small hydrogen HHO generator

Make your very own hydrogen (and oxygen) generator with a 9V battery, copper wire, and baking soda (or salt). Why? Who knows. Make sure to check your connections. For more information on this hack, including detailed, step-by-step instructions on assembling your own HHO generator, watch this how-to video.

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what the purpose of have a hho generator?

HHO is a combustible that burns at the temperature of the Sun and with more explosive power than gasoline. It doesn't emits CO2, the chemical reaction after firing this gasses is to unite again the Hydrogen Molecules (H2) and the Oxygen creating again H2O.

I remember doing this in high school. one of the electrical probes has hydrogen coming off it and the other has oxygen coming off it. If the 2 probes are in separate containers and the 2 containers are connected with a pipe to allow the water to flow between them then you can collect the individual gasses.

This process is popular among home "scientist" who are hooking these up onto there air intake valves in there. The flammable added supposedly increases fuel efficiency. The gas created in this video is very minimal compared to what could be created with multiple plates.

someone answer that, id like to know also.


With baking soda you are creating Carbon Monoxide - deadly and with salt you are creating Chlorine gas also deadly - go back to chemistry 101 before sending out dangerous stuff like this - HHO should only be generated with KOH or NAOH. Your first lesson is to look up what they are in the science books !

oh darn it. i did this experiment for school and i used baking soda instead of salt because i thot it would be safer because i knew salt made chlorine. i did not know both made toxic gas.

KOH and NOAH are a lot more dangerous and corrosive to a person and an automobile engine than baking soda. I remember making H2 gas in HS chemistry class using Hydrochloric acid and Zinc Chrystals.

what the hell are you supposed to do with a hydrogen generator. How do you hook it up to a power source. You should of mentioned that in the video. Please reconsider.

Now, this is a real hydrogen generator, check this website out
Really nice product they have.

please email me about my question. At Please consider this. Thank you.

I'm assuming their adding salt to increase the conductivity of the water??

why would i want hho that is simply water aka h2o however h+ generator is what thjis is

Thanks, i wanted to see this done my kid did it last year in the six grade, I see it can be improved on. I will use plain water or something safe.

Try to build something to catch the H2 and leave O .We need it in the atmosphere.

so? the final fact,is this project are dangerous?

i guess you short circuited the first battery while you were bending the wire... :-)

Our 5th grade class did this yesterday. To show that the wire that had twice the bubbles (gas) was hydrogen and the other oxygen.

The slight bluish-green color of the water was due to the copper oxidizing.

Hi.. DUDE WHY were you shorting your battery in the beginning?! Why not use something else to wrap your wire for the contacts to the battery? It wont hurt it much, but it does damage your battery every time you short it..

Anyway, I was wondering, why use 2 copper terminals, you would get much better results if you use another metal on the negative, youll get so much more hydrogen on the copper side and be way more efficient!

So I have a question, what do we do with the hydrogen we can generate now, how do we use it as power? What can I do to use it?

I love this thing btw.. Thanks

How far do we want to offset the earths natural eco system? Today we create carbon monoxides, true!

1000 years ago there was more volcanic activity that produced 100 times what we humans have created during our total industrial age approx. 80 years, true!

These volcanoes all over the earth also spewed Sulpher, Carbon Monoxide, Dioxides, Ammoniums, Chromiums, and other toxic Gases into the atmosphere which eventually goes into the stratus sphere and tropospheres of which today we proclaim we are creating "Global Warming" and are destroying our planet.

Nature takes the carbon monoxides in (trees/shrubs/plants) and passes oxygen out, true!

Well I believe we are in Earths natural cycle between "Ice Ages", short or long durations do not matter of which we warm or freeze as many things in the past altered these too.

What does matter is in this thinking " Go Green"..

So my question is if we take out (remove) Oxygen from our power sources and we stop creating carbon monoxide for trees and all to cycle naturally and we produce Hydrogen which when burned leaves water minus oxygen because that is the fact. At what point do we disrupt the balances and become oxygen starved and killing "ALL" living things? Why not speed up the process and set off some 50 Hydro Bombs at once around the world to find out the results?

Some sciences scare me as to there results for one day we will make a bad decision and completely wipe life off the earth.

problem with what you are seing is that we DESTROY that 10k-25k years circle in 120 years to development of our world civilization.

planet was under volcanic ashes some time and took JUNGLES 100 milions years to desolve that. "we", as humans, already cut down QUOTER of that JUNGLES for paper of food industry...........

we killed 45% of ozone leyer..... do you remember OZONE HOLE news two decades ago? now sadly OZONE HOLE is everywere on the planet....

is not about "going green", is about realization that futher development based on OLD COAL burning must to end. Is about creating every way of removing money from hands of market controling corporations, to become free, and place that goal, as it is, as necesity.

PS. dont lie to your self, you are like a dog on the leach... leach may be longer then in China, Cupa, or Iran... but still, your power sources are strictly controled by goverment and you must do and pay what ever they will tell you to :) you got feedom to spend most of your money for bills or bills....

well i found out that it sure is a good fire starter

Salt or baking soda is used to increase conductivity in the water. He uses two copper wires so that both poles produce their respective gases at (similar) rate. If there was much more hydrogen than oxygen it would burn much quicker and with less heat. The combination of the two gases increases the energy of the combustion. To make it generate electricity you used the resulting gas mixture to power a generator. This process does not make carbon monoxide or the toxic gases commonly talked about in the media of late, and when you burn the gas product you will release energy and the two gases will combine back into water. During the combustion process you can only let off carbon monoxide or dioxide if you introduce carbon to the system. If you do not, you cannot create those gases. Neither hydrogen or oxygen is lost through any of these processes. They are just shifted back and forth HHO HH + O

is it really work dude??????????

As a Hydrogen generator? Sure. As a means of propulsion? Not really. Not like this anyways.

U try this ? Bird andBear

I did this in science class once upon a time.

oh thats great

how many people that made their own HHO generators got green hydrogen?

i made one slightly bigger hydrogen generator still using a 9v battery but got almost all green from the (-) terminal

used sea salt to prevent this and nothing corrosive

Hydrogen is colorless. The green you saw was from whatever you mixed into the water. Chlorine is a green gas.

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