How To: Build a remote controlled beer keg

Build a remote controlled beer keg

Learn how to build a remote controlled beer keg. Not only can you deliver beer to friends, but you can control the drinker's access to it. It's sort of like a remote control bartender!

We update the classic beer keg with motorized wheels and a remote control tap to build the ultimate robotic beer keg.

Although the modern beer keg has been with us since the 1960's the technology surrounding it has advanced much. Sure the materials might be different, and the gas mixture more suited to wide variety of ales, brews and beer, but really it's still a big metal cylinder that's heavy and difficult to control access to. So we figured we put a few 21st century bits of technology on the thing and turn it into a mobile and easily controlled beer dispenser.

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you can't know everything about everything... the psi on kegs should be less than 10# otherwise the keg will be all foam.. for bars with long lines from the basement to tap then 10-20#. Very interesting though... although I don't have 9 motors laying around but I do have two tractors.. who wants to buy one......

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