How To: Build a portable personal heater

Build a portable personal heater

In this video, we learn how to build a portable personal heater. This is a great weekend project that is easy to make and will keep you warm during a freezing winter. You will need: two double a batteries, charger, twin double a battery charger, winding wire, and balsa wood. First, cut the wood the size of the battery holder and cut it out. Now, reel off 30 ft of winding wire and hold down with duct tape. Wind the wire around the piece of wood and tape down the other end of the wire. Scrape off parts of the end of the wires, then apply hot glue to the battery holder and attach the wood with coil. Now, solder the connections from the wires onto the battery holder. When finished, you can turn this on and it can be a heater whenever you would like!

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plz tell me the name off the device showing the temperature

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