How To: Build a mini hovercraft with household items

Build a mini hovercraft with household items

Learn how to build a mini hovercraft. With a few items found in almost any desk or tool drawer, you can make your very own mini hovercraft capable of gliding over any flat surface.

You Will Need

* A spill-proof sports cap from a plastic water bottle or sports-drink bottl
* An old CD
* Super glue
* Duct tape
* A balloon
* Plastic lid or Styrofoam plate

Step 1. Glue cap to CD

Take off and discard the protective cover and close the pop-top. Then, glue the bottom of the plastic water cap over the hole in the CD. Wait for the glue to dry. If the bottom of the cap doesn't completely cover the hole in the CD, put duct tape over the open part of the hole.

The lid from a circular plastic tub of butter substitute or whipped topping, or a Styrofoam plate with a hole cut out in the center can also serve as a base in place of a CD. Cut the hole so the bottle-cap bottom just fits over it.

Step 2. Inflate balloon

Blow up the balloon, and twist the end around your finger to prevent air from escaping.

Step 3. Attach balloon

Attach the balloon's opening over the top of the bottle cap. Make sure the cap is pushed down, creating an airtight seal with the balloon.

Step 4. Release air

Place the CD on a flat surface and pull open the pop-top on the bottle cap. The air cushion from the balloon will allow the CD to hover and glide around.

Step 5. Experiment

Once the balloon deflates, remove it from the bottle cap and blow it up again for another run. Experiment with different-size balloons, and try your hovercraft on various surfaces, including a still body of water.

FACT: A Time magazine article from 1966 predicted cars would eventually be replaced with personal hovercraft by the year 2000.

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