How To: Build a Mini Hovercraft

Build a Mini Hovercraft

Create a miniature hover craft from the fan, polystrene or Styrofoam plate, batteries and double-sided scotch tape. It really works. Powered by two 9 volt batteries you can use paper plates for the body of the hovercraft if need be. This is a cool cat toy or just a household hack.

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i am going to make one but i am going to use two fans but the plate a little heavy

nice, i wonder if you can power it up to the point of it flying?

woe!! it's very cool I'm going to make one for sure

isnt the fan a 12v it can run on 18

What do you use to connect the battery to the wire of the fan?


Excellent job. I especially liked the music.

hell make a bigger model to ride theres some on youtube

put a little r/c car wireless receptor on that thing with another fan and you got a r/c hovercraft! :D sweet huh? :D:P

WHere do you get the fan? And is it expensive?

i think the fan has a little voltage regulator, a little transistor or something. that's why is runing at 18V. and there is a powerful thrust at 18V :D Try 2fans and 3 x 9V battery :D

you can get the fan from a computer shop

cool. gonna make one

this is really epic Insane Clown Possy should make a song about hovercrafts

insane now make something that make me samiches

I have got a big hovercraft


i must hve to make a succesful hovercraft ever.......

i can't get mine to work. it doesn't move.

Ours didn't lift off either Jeremy, until I realised the vid uses 2x 9v presumably in series for 18v even tho the computer fan is more than likely rated for 12v. So I doubled up the batteries, and there is a noticeable change in fan noise as it runs a lot faster. The dish lifts a good 1mm all round now. Sure, in production, one wouldn't run a motor 50% over voltage, but for this purpose it should last a while before it burns out...

can i control this thing with a tv remote somehow????????????

hi, i need help with connecting the 9V batteries to the fan. please someone help me, this video completely skipped that part !

It's a pretty straight forward circuit. Attach the positive of one battery with the negative of the other. Then attach the negative of the 1st battery to the ground wire of the fan, and the positive of the 2nd battery to the hot wire of the fan. If it doesn't work, it means you got the polarity wrong. Just swap the fan wires for positive and negative. You can't really screw it up.

so the negative of the 1st battery goes to the ground wire, which is the red or blue wire?.. sorry i have no clue which is which, thanks for the help

Blue is probably ground as they tend to go with cooler colors for ground (but I don't know for sure). If it's not, it's no big deal. You won't break anything. Just swap around and try the other way if it doesn't work.

please i would greatly appreciate some help

hey i cn not watch the video so can someone giv the instructions steo by step

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